The Road to Dystopia

The Road to Dystopia launched at 100% Design on the 7th August 2019

This collection is an antidote to the shift in the peddling of fear based media, products and ideals … all of which, are a mass disempowerment campaign designed to be divisive.

We are in a perilous state, were we seem to have a diminished humanity and little respect for the rapid and irreversible decline of our natural world and its inhabitants. There is an immediacy required in our daily lives that demands we be activists in the choices we make, the products we buy and the corporations we enrich. This responsibility rests firmly at our feet …

Physically, this represents abandoned spaces, decay and neglect (The Void and The Bone Collector), with a layer of natural texture (Lichen Filaments and Rock Vertebrae) and, possibly, a hint at redemption (Revival, Resurrection, Jane’s Addiction and Moore’s Wisdom).

What was conceived as a somewhat sombre, moody pallet, was given a glimmer of gold in the hopeful words of Valarie Kaur, “What if this is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb”.

The Cecil Blake Collective explores narrative through surface design, using photography as the primary medium. We use pattern and texture to tell visceral, visual stories.