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Orms recently published an online feature on my wallpaper for The Road to Dystopia, which launched at 100% Design this August.

Read the full article here:

In Pictures: Follow as we take a look at ‘The Cecile Blake Collective’, a collection of wallpaper designs by artist Gaby Beyers…

Gaby Beyers, one of the artists feature in the Orms Artist Wallpaper Range, recently exhibited her latest collection ‘The Cecile Blake Collective’ at the 100% Design Show in Johannesburg. Orms Print Room & Framing is honoured to have not only printed the wallpaper for this exhibition, but also her bound catalogue and her logo, which was printed onto metal and used as a light installation.

We caught up with Gaby to find out a bit more about the collection and its aesthetic: 

by Gemma Sheperd